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Night Shifts MDT (Will need decrypting) 1.0.0

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About This File

Welcome to Night Shifts - MDT, a customizable MDT system for your community. Whether you're running a police, fire, or EMS department, Night Shifts provides a range of features to help you manage your operations. Our MDT is configurable to fit the needs of emergency services in any country.

Civilian Side

The civilian side of the MDT includes features such as an emergency services hotline, a council/city hall registry for managing civilians, and a DVLA/DMV registry for managing vehicles. You can edit your civilians and vehicles, and even add custom profile pictures for each one.

Emergency Services Side

On the emergency services side, you can manage your shift and status, select your department and sub-department, and trigger a panic button in case of an emergency. The emergency hotline allows you to receive and locate emergency calls, while the Police National Computer (PNC) lets you search for people, vehicles, and records. You can also create reports for police, fire, and ambulance services, and view statistics for your department.

Server Owner Features

If you're a server owner, Night Shifts gives you even more control over your MDT system. You can configure ANPR camera locations, fire station alarms, images and sounds in the NUI folder, language settings, and more. You can also customize menu names, MDT title, and text settings, and even adjust cooldowns for blips and calls. Night Shifts also allows you to create configurable departments, sub-departments, ranks, roles, and access levels, ensuring that your MDT system is tailored to your community's needs.

In short, Night Shifts is a powerful tool for managing your emergency services operations. With its customizable features and easy-to-use interface, Night Shifts makes it easier than ever to keep your community safe and secure.


Civilian Side

Emergency Services Hotline

  • Call 999/911/112 and provide detailed information about what you require.

Council / City Hall

  • Register your civilians
  • Edit your civilians
  • Add a custom profile picture to your civilian registry


  • Register your vehicles, which is connected to one of your civilians
  • Edit your vehicles
  • Add a custom vehicle picture to your vehicle registry

Emergency Services Side

Battery & Signal

  • Charge your MDT battery in vehicles or interiors
  • Signal based on your ping

Shift & status

  • Select your department, with access based on Discord roles
  • Select your sub-department
  • Toggle your shift
  • Select your status
  • Trigger panic button

Emergency Hotline

  • Receive emergency calls
  • View (archived) calls
  • Locate and track calls with a regular waypoint

Police National Computer (PNC)

  • Person Search
  • Vehicle Search
  • Record Search
  • Fine Search
  • Add records via Person Search
  • Add fines via Person Search
  • Edit markers via Person Search
  • Edit BOLO via vehicle Search
  • View active person warrants
  • Locate active person warrants
  • View active ANPR registrations
  • Locate active ANPR registrations
  • Report sightings for wanted people or ANPR registered vehicles

Unit overview (Control / Dispatch)

  • Overview units (See a table of rows with all kinds of shift data, location data and more of each user on shift)
  • Track units
  • Request backup
  • Send dispatch messages


  • Create reports for police, fire and ambulance
  • Search & view reports by query or date
  • Read police, fire and ambulance guidelines


  • View statistics

Server Owner Side

  • Configurable ANPR camera locations (Fictive, you can find a camera object script or MLO at third parties)
  • Configurable fire station alarms, triggered upon each call for the fire service
  • Configurable images in the NUI images folder, each with a different purpose
  • Configurable sounds in the NUI sounds folder, each with a different purpose
  • Configurable language in the config folder
  • Configurable handbooks in the config folder
  • Configurable and self-writable inventory item checks in c_functions.lua
  • Configurable postal script in c_functions.lua or use our recommendation nearest-postal
  • Configurable commands & hotkeys
  • Configurable menu names, MDT title and loads more text settings
  • Configurable cooldowns for blips, calls and loads more settings
  • Configurable statusses
  • Configurable styles in styles.css
  • Configurable departments, sub-departments, ranks, roles and access levels
  • Language support.
  • Escrow protected with access to limited functions.

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Anyone decoded this yet ?

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dont bother decoding it, its a shit script, that is unfinished and half the time wont work

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