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Smoke Trails 1.0.0

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About This File



  • Support all aircrafts
  • Supports 5 smoke positions (All, Back, Wings, LeftWing, RightWing)
  • No weird cloud puffs
  • Full RGB/HEX customization for each smoke trail (With UI)
  • Support for macros (For Airshows)
  • Adjustable Key (In settings.ini) Keys Can Be Found Here
  • Smoke data gets saved for the next launch (server side)
  • Onesync Compatible




  • /smoke [type(All or a, Back or b, Wings or w, LeftWing or lw, RightWing or rw)] (This changes the smoke trails positions)
  • /smokesize [decimal size] (Change the smoke size, MIN 0.5, MAX 5)
  • /smokecolour (No arguments to open the menu)
  • /copysmoke [id] (Copy Another Player's Smoke Trails [Useful for teams])


Macro Usage

/smokecolour [rgb values between 0 - 255] (To change the color)

/smokecolour 255 255 255 (this will make the back smoke colour white)

/smokecolour -1 255 0 255 0 0 (this will not change the back smoke color since we put -1 and the left-wing smoke colour will become red)

/smokecolour 255 0 -1 255 -1 -1 0 255 0 (this will leave the Back and the Left-Wing smoke colour and will change only the left-wing)

So /smokecolour be bg bb lwr lwg lwb rwr rwg rwb


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